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Frequently Asked Questions

     Here are answers to some questions you may have.
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arrow What is the idea?

My efforts here are to make enough money so I can retire early without paying penalties for early withdrawal from my 401K. So, please buy my pixels!

arrow Who are you?

I'm Bonney Bott, a past-middle-aged, unemployed software designer. If any of you are in my shoes, you'll understand why it's been difficult to find employment. I have experience in wireless telephony, missile, and image processing software.

arrow What will you do with the money?

Why, I'll pay my debts and live comfortably until I'm 100!

arrow Why can't I buy one single pixel?

Individual pixels are extremely hard to catch with a cursor and you can't display anything meaningful in one pixel. Also, I'm not artistic enough to make a fabulous mosaic masterpiece out of all the little dots.

arrow How long will the site be online?

The site will be online at least until January 1, 2010, and possibly longer.

arrow Are you worried about copy-cats/rip-offs?

Why should I be? I'm a copy-cat myself. I've used Alex Tew's initial idea for his Million Dollar Home Page , not feeling too badly about copying since his page is SOLD OUT. I've tried to incorporate additional features so as not be be a total thief. Borrowing Internet code and ideas is one of the primary reasons the Internet is so popular.